Hodhepodge of Stuff!

I have been on a bit of a hiatus with a new job and family health issues, but I’m still writing. Recently my writer friend Carol Van Natta beta read a fantasy story I had lengthened from short story to novelette. Her suggestions opened up the ideas for lengthening it even more, to novella length. This is a winter holiday fantasy so am planning on a November release. Orc In Winter.

I did release a short Christmas fantasy that was originally with a small publisher years ago. I always liked the couple, a dwarf widow and an elf from the North Pole. I have one more Christmas short to publish, also from an old antho.


Am working on a space western, same world as Starlander’s Myth. The Starlander Rebel, working title.

Briscoe Starlander left his homeworld, the isolated planet Starlander’s Green, as an idealistic youth, to fight in the Slave Wars. His side lost and he had no way to return to his home. He eventually becomes one of the feared mercenary soldiers called Enforcers, adapted to wear weaponized armor, a one man army. But he has a plan to get back to Starlander’s Green.

Missing, Presumed Cyborg, a Diaspora Worlds book, is in the works.

They met as teens at the New Prague Academy and called themselves the Misfits, a group of non-Puregens, the children of immigrant factory workers. They became family. Now one of them, brilliant but sensitive Donovan,  has been taken from his work place, a remote science space station. The rest intend to get him back.


A DIY Laundry soap recipe we have used for years: https://www.diynatural.com/homemade-laundry-detergent-soap/

And a lovely crochet pattern: http://www.365crochet.com/2017/07/kanata-kerchief-tank-top-free-crochet.html?spref=fb


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