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I’m back in the Diaspora Worlds, working on a cyborg collection! So far I have three books planned and expect the first to be out in Spring, 2016. In book three of my series, the planet Arden was found, the manufacturing base for the cyborgs in the Gorvas military. This new collection, The Cyborgs of Arden, are stand alone romances stories of cyborgs as they become free.

Meet Sys, and obsolete cyborg model being used to birth heirs for a wealthy man, and the Hanlon Navigator, a cyborg with the highest level abilities, who runs the space ship.

Sys reached the hold. A security function alerted her, someone was coming down the lift from the level above. She locked on the elevator. It could only be one of the women or–the Hanlon Navigator. The medic was in lock up and she was the only one that had the code. The Hanlon Navigator could probably override her code, but the  medic would not know where she was on the ship.

The doors opened. A glimpse of silver with small yellow lights. The Hanlon Navigator. Had he followed her as she moved through the ship? He had the capability.

Would he try to stop her? Was he secretly loyal to the ship’s owners? But he had agreed to change course, to take them to the planet won from a warlord. Vast continents, empty of humans. A perfect place for them. By the time they were found—if they ever were discovered—more than likely their children would be grown; they would be a small community of simple farmers.

There was no way he could know what her purpose was down here. He could read ship’s systems, not minds. Sys took a deep breath to calm herself as the Hanlon Navigator walked up to her.






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