Diaspora Worlds Plans


There are currently four books in the Diaspora Worlds Series, which can be found on Amazon (Book One, Her Cyborg Awakes, is free!). The heroes of all four books are brothers from the planet of New Prague. Their mother is holds the hereditary position as Protectorate of New Prague, similar to a Queen, and the oldest son Kyler, eventually inherits the position. The adventures that lead to love involve space ships, invasions, humanoids with lizard characteristics, bioships, and mud monsters. Yes, I had fun writing this series.

This month I am working on book plots for the books I plan to write. I have a few stories that are in the end stage that I can finish and publish, but there are two books I am starting from scratch. This is the month to plan them.

I am planning a fifth Diaspora Worlds book in the spring, the first one  without one of the brothers as a hero. New Prague is an industrial planet, known for innovative spaceships. They often hire off planet workers to fill their factories. Such an opportunity comes to the Xiarr sisters.

The Xiarr sisters have been on a commercial space hub since they were children. Their planet, Rasha was destroyed during the  Gorvas invasion and they fled to the hub with an elderly uncle. He died, leaving them orphans in an uncaring place, but the Starwoman’s Sanctuary gave them and their tiny cousins a warm beds, food and education.

There are two sisters, Milori and Demaia and I do think there will be two books. The first book is Milori’s story. In her schooldays, Milori was the type of girl I envied. Tall, thin, naturally pretty, athletic, naturally outgoing, smart…you know the type, the one who seems to have a perfect life. Except the war happened, and at fourteen Milori was in charge of a younger sister and two infant cousins, a refugee on a huge chaotic space hub. They are rescued by the Starwoman’s Sanctuary and she excels at school, while working in restaurants and markets. When she graduates, she does a brief stint as a dancer in a popular intoxisaloon and foolishly has an affair with an older man. Realizing she is pregnant and possibly in danger from her lover, she returns to the safety of the tubes, where the poor workers live,working in the back room of a market a menial job with no future. And the New Prague comes to the hub to hire! And in her shiny new position she has a partner, a grouchy, sarcastic reclaimed cyborg who insists on wearing his appliances of war while they develop green spaces in the ugly industrial housing complex of the dome.






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