In the New Year

Resolutions and such…

I took December off from writing because the asthma was not improving, so I went to bed! I went to the day job, came home and was often in bed with a book by seven thirty or so. I think it helped, I was able to get off the oral steroids before any bad side effects hit. And I read many books. My main resolution at this time is to not push myself, we still have the big bad Wyoming winter to get through.

Futuras colonias humanas en Marte

I have identified  two projects for 2016. I have several other projects that could get published this year but am hesitant to take on too much at this time. So two solid projects sounds like the best plan. Funny coincidence, both take place in domed cities!

One is my new Diaspora Worlds book about the Immigrant workers. Working title: Cyborg Reclaimed. I would like to have it out by spring.

The other book, The Seeker, won’t be out until November 2016. It is part of a multi-author series call The Complex, and takes place in a domed city. This is a SFR/ fantasy crossover, where some characters have super powers. This will be a fun story to write, my Seeker and his assistant are opposites that attract.

Other than that I plan to try to keep up with SFR and Fantasy romance new releases, since it seems I am running a year or more behind on my reading!


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