A free SFR!  https://www.instafreebie.com/free/q4QZC Asteroid miner Jack Starlander stumbles upon the illegal sale of a woman and child with unusual abilities. Jack once fought to free slaves and can't abide slavers. In the ensuing shoot out, two important men die. Jack, Sophie and her daughter and Jack's close neighbors are forced to flee to safety.... Continue Reading →

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For the Fort Collins Comic Con this weekend, I decided to burn some ebooks onto mini CDs so readers can side load them to their ebook readers. It was a painless process! s I wrote up some notes. Notes on Mini Cds for Ebooks Once the mini cd was in the CD Drive, a pop... Continue Reading →

Excerpt: Voyage of the Valrhysians

Here is a snippet of a Space Frontier romance I am working on. The Valrhysians leave their homeworld for the Space Frontier following a civil war. Chapter One Rated R Ronan needed to get away. His brother Roel’s body lay in state in the King’s chapel, looking far too young to have his life over.... Continue Reading →

I have been on a bit of a hiatus with a new job and family health issues, but I'm still writing. Recently my writer friend Carol Van Natta beta read a fantasy story I had lengthened from short story to novelette. Her suggestions opened up the ideas for lengthening it even more, to novella length. This... Continue Reading →

Diaspora Worlds Plans

There are currently four books in the Diaspora Worlds Series, which can be found on Amazon (Book One, Her Cyborg Awakes, is free!). The heroes of all four books are brothers from the planet of New Prague. Their mother is holds the hereditary position as Protectorate of New Prague, similar to a Queen, and the oldest... Continue Reading →

In the New Year

Resolutions and such... I took December off from writing because the asthma was not improving, so I went to bed! I went to the day job, came home and was often in bed with a book by seven thirty or so. I think it helped, I was able to get off the oral steroids before... Continue Reading →


I have had my blogger blog for years but in recent months it has been glitchy. I decided to switch to wordpress. Christmas is almost upon us, my favorite holiday. Not that I am very religious--the parts I love are mostly the fun secular kiddie parts. Santa, the North Pole, reindeer, elves, cookies. Presents under... Continue Reading →

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